3rd World Congress on Public Health and Nutrition
  • Public Health 2018
  • Feb 26 at 09:00 AM to Feb 28 at 06:00 PM
  • London, United Kingdom
  • الأطباء و مزودي الرعاية الصحية, آلمرضى

Public Health Conference going to be held in London, UK during February 26-28, 2018 is offering a means for exchanging information and a platform for debate to researchers, policy makers, and practitioners in the field of public health, nutrition and health services research. With the theme of “Impediment to Exploration of Global Public Health Challenges in globalizing world” it aims to contribute to the improvement of Public Health all across the globe. Public Health 2018 will provide unlimited resources and opportunities to interact with prominent leaders in the field and greatly expand on your global network of scholars and professionals. Learn more here: https://publichealth.global-summit.com/